This practice has been very successful in Greece throughout the years of its implementation, offering a complete training, mentoring, coaching scheme as well as after support to beneficiaries. It might be the most comprehensive program running in Greece with support of many private companies, associations and other organizations.

The BCC program is comprised by three compulsory modules:

  • 10 seminars on development of entrepreneurial competences (business model canvas, (digital) marketing, branding, public speaking, taxation, pitching etc.)
  • Consulting: session every 10 days within the 4-months period

The matching is made by the business sector and maturing stage of the business idea. Through these sessions the beneficiaries can develop: 

  • An optimized business model
  • Business plan 
  • Marketing/digital marketing plan
  • Financial plan 
  • Coaching, every 10 days that deals with participants’ personal characteristics, assessing their way of working, their team skills and other soft skills that they need in order to succeed.

Global goals covered