This path allows the migrant or refugee to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of work, through internship practices and also support him/her in acquisition of self-confidence concerning his/her abilities that can lead to a more conscious understanding of his/her own future path of integration.

Before orientation and pre-selection interviews to detect preconditions: basic language, arithmetic and computer knowledge.

After 40 Hours Training Classroom, in small groups, listening to the biography, training about job security, empowerment and coaching actions, rights and duties of the worker, that bring the candidate’s performance and relational skills closer to the companies’ demand.

An important factor is the continuous presence of the classroom tutor.

And then, 260 Hours Learning on the Job/internship: the method involves a close collaboration with the host companies, which have the possibility of being accompanied along the path of inclusion by the key figure of the training tutor.

Every professional and personal aspect of the tutor becomes relevant, gender, age, communication style and background in order to identify the best meeting between young migrants and figure of orientation towards social and work inclusion.

Global goals covered