The main goal of the course is to help participants successfully formulate and present their business idea, with the potential for seed funding to open a business in Greece. The training covered essential education on entrepreneurial skills and Greek legal and taxation system to migrants, giving also the opportunity to pitch ideas in front of potential funders.

The course consisted of 12 modules (one per week) in the following topics

  • Summary of my business
  • Operating Plan
  • Management and Organization
  • Which is my target market and why
  • Marketing strategy
  • Leveraging social media
  • Taxes and business Licenses
  • Education/certifications
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement
  • Business culture in Greece
  • Pitch day 

Methodology: Lectures and Homework, discussion of answers and reflection  

The course was held in English (a French translator participated only in 2nd cycle). In the last week, participants had the opportunity to pitch their business idea to other NGOs and potential funders to sell their business idea. 

In each cycle, 10 people were trained.

Global goals covered