Many people in a situation of migration are in Île-de-France and find themselves isolated in their community. Indeeed, Île-de-France alone concentrates half of France’s asylum requests. This programsupport entrepreneurs who have a migration path and who wish to launch their business project in France.

The program is divided into 3 stages:

  • 2 days of immersion with workshops to discover the program and participate in intercultural, creativity and introspection activities. (limited to 50 places)
  • 4 months of exploration with group training to build and write a professional project, carry out market research, develop intercultural communication skills, acquire soft skills and essential skills to be an entrepreneur. (limited to 30 places)
  • 7 months of incubation with group training, individual support and mentoring to prototype and launch the entrepreneurial project. (limited to 10 places)

Global goals covered