The Extracompetenze initiative allowed persons with migration-background to recover dignity and self-esteem – essential to start a proper work-life in a new country. This was done through an innovative and unique partnership-based process facilitating the assessment and recognition of competences and qualifications.

The process established by Job Centre Genova in the framework of the Extracompetenze initiative, with the support of a qualified partnership, consisted of the following elements:

  • Identification of persons with migrant background whose competences had not yet been evaluated and recognised so far (which was done through the local service centre for migrants);
  • Application of the so called “bilancio di competenze” (knowledge assessment) to persons with migrant background, which was mainly done through interviews carried out by experts from Job Centre Genova;
  • Elaboration of an assessment report and attribution of a participation certificate (done by Job Centre).

Global goals covered