Clear, widespread information campaign present on all social media and even in public spaces, through posters and leaflets. Aimed at young immigrants. This is of immediate understanding as soon as you look at the site: there are only photos of young immigrants in the workplace.
Easy-to-use site with clear, simple-written information.

Beneficiaries eligible for the funding to start-up their enterprise have be provided with mentoring, counselling and monitoring services. In particular, the Management Authority will offer services: guidance assistance and mentoring to the consolidation and development of the enterprise initiative or self-employment. The methods of providing these services, was as follows: Detailed information about workshops and seminars published on the project website ( – individual ‘mentoring’ meetings on the business project and its implementation. Individual plans defined at start-up. The individual plan is based on the specifics/needs/profiles of each individual beneficiary and detailed with hourly quantities, localization, interventions to be developed, etc.

Getting to the core of the practice, the Information Campaign is about the possibility of accessing the financing of about 10,000 euros to develop a business idea.

Global goals covered