The information campaign is specifically aimed at the use of the microcredit tool because this measure has proved effective in helping young people, the unemployed, women and men who have lost their jobs to become self-employed entrepreneurs, turning their ideas into employment and growth opportunities

The Information Campaign is about the possibility of accessing finance in the form of microcredit.

The Information Campaign has been set up so that it can be easily visible and accessible to as many people as possible.

Starting from the name: GIOVANISI’ (YOUNGYES), it is immediately clear that the main actor to whom the project is addressed are the young people. Young people who want to grow both through training and through work. Young people who plan to invest time and money in their future.

The Information Campaign has lively, cheerful graphics, with clear and direct content that affects young people and is easily understood even by those who do not have advanced language skills.

Billboards, posters, brochures, are present in all public offices and at the children’s meeting places. 

The website is easy to understand and easy to navigate.

Global goals covered