Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity has organized 2 Entrepreneurship Workshops in 2019 for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers with a duration of about 3 hours.

The action started with the introductory workshop “How to grow a business idea” by Yannis Vikas, economist and researcher (PhD, MBA). In addition to the general information about setting up a business in Greece, beneficiaries had access to personalized Entrepreneurship Counseling sessions throughout the year so that their business idea could be further developed.

The second workshop on Entrepreneurship was entitled “Collaboratively Developing Our Business Idea – An Interactive Lab” and focused on a more experiential and collaborative approach to developing a business idea.

Participants worked together on specific business ideas – the ideas can be either real or based on a scenario. Elaborating on every idea and discussing key concepts such as value propositions, who are the customers etc., help to understand important elements of entrepreneurship in practice and to act collaboratively.

For the most structured business ideas, there is the opportunity of individual counselling sessions and participants can be referred to The People’s Trust.

The organizing team give also guidance for participants who want to learn about the legal framework for setting up a business, by informing them about the relevant bodies’ procedures. In addition, they offer info about free lessons of non-formal education, offered by NGOs in Athens. 

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