The Center’s doors opened in December of 2014 and since then the Center is an exemplary best practice of cooperation between a public stakeholder (Athens Municipality), the local civil society and institutional funding bodies, such as the EEA Grants, that have supported the Center’s operation since its launch in 2014 until April of 2016.

The Center follows an “open door policy” which means that it welcomes all regardless of nationality, origin, sexual orientation, religious or political belief. The only criterion that the Center has is vulnerability. The Center continues to serve hundreds who are in need on a daily basis, offering free services such as social, psychological, legal aid, employability counseling and accounting services. Supported languages are Greek, English, French, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi & Urdu. 

The Solidarity centers in Athens and Thessaloniki offer the Employability Program that includes job consulting services, online job search with the help of specialized consultants, team workshops, seminars and networking activities to strengthen the potential of the unemployed people from vulnerable groups to join the labor market.

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