The goal was achieved through the outcomes of three complementary interventions: 
a) entrepreneurship and soft skills training; 
b) a mentorship scheme; and 
c) individualized one-on-one business coaching. 

19 circles of courses were held during BUSINESS FOR YOUTH project implementation.
The training curriculum provided to 330 aspiring young entrepreneurs with the knowledge, technical skills and guidance needed to develop a viable business idea and a solid business plan to get their business off the ground. 

The model

Through soft-skills development classes, participants work on skills such as leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution, negotiation, as well as creativity and presentation skills, allowing individuals to better communicate their ideas, getting others on board and address challenges faced in the work environment. 

Successful candidates are also presented with the opportunity to apply for a small business grant by pitching their business idea, aiming to assist in the first-stage development of their business venture. The panel consisted of representatives from organizations that offer microfinancing, as well as, incubators and private companies.

Global goals covered