The VAL project aimed to improve the relevant situation in Europe, by defining the competence profile of youth educators who are working with young migrants and refugees, by developing a methodology for validation and by delivering a training in the form of an e-course.

During the project’s lifetime, four Intellectual Outputs were created:

  • IO1 is the Competence Profile of youth educators working with young migrants and refugees. Based on desktop research and on the results of 200 questionnaires that were filled by youth educators, it formed the theoretical framework for IO2.
  • IO2 consists of the Guide to the Expertise checkup with youth educators working with young migrants and refugees. It also includes the Performance Focused Interview and the Plan for Improvement. It contains a methodology for assessment and validation of the competences described analytically in IO1. The checkup can be used at different levels (self-administered or carried out by an external assessor).
  • IO3 is a web based workspace/repository for assessment, accessed by logged users and located on the project website. The workspace allows to carry out the expertise check-up in self-assessment mode, to store the results and to have them examined and commented by peers and/or assessors. The space contains the blueprint of the PFI (Performance Focused Interview) to be carried out with youth educators working with migrants/refugees and of the template of the plan for improvement that are filled online.
  • IO4 is an e-course for assessors of youth educators working with youth migrants and refugees. This e-course enhances further the weaker competences that were spotted by the Expertise checkup. It contains a wide variety of resources that add value to different areas of IO2.

Global goals covered